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Meet The Founder

Mini Bio

Johnny B is a writer, director, producer, and photographer from Dallas, Texas. He is the founder and president of Texas Ego Films, a leading distributor of independent, contemporary urban cinema specializing in the thriller/suspense/horror genre. Texas Ego Films has over 20 narratives and documentary films that are in pre-production. Johnny B is the curator and producer of the upcoming horror film Warlock and The Culture Jury - a hard-hitting documentary series consisting of a panel of twelve individuals who will tackle politically incorrect topics.

Johnny B's mission is to provide his audience with quality entertainment via a polished video that reflects creative and thought-provoking storytelling. He believes that behind every organization and/ or individual there is a reason they have a passion for what they do. At Texas Ego Films, Johnny's purpose and dream is to create stories that are handcrafted to make each project a purpose-driven film. His uncompromising devotion to quality and is firmly committed to the development and progression of a loyal film culture in the African American community.

Mini Biography By: MARA PROSE


Johnny B 

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