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The beginning

In Medieval records, male witches are often called "warlock" by Christian persecutors and judges. If one of its' meanings is indeed "traitor", then it is reasonable to assume that oaths broken were Christian oaths, and that "warlocks" were perceived as being "traitors" to Christian values and society. These "traitors" are now found in a new strand of cannabis called "Warlock"

Behind Campfire Stories: About Warlock


Year 2019 - 2024

In the year 2024, marijuana has become the most valued commodity on the earth after war, famine, overpopulation and global warming have destroyed the quality of life for the 17 billion people left on the planet.  In an effort to maximize profits and control the distribution of marijuana, the US  government votes unanimously to close its borders to foreign trade and implements a mandatory monthly test to regulate the amounts of THC in each certified user. 

With the new mandates in place, the law legalizes a significantly lower amount of THC than most users normally consumed.  This leads to widespread desperation to seek out illegal dealers, who the government nicknames the Warlocks, to mix the marijuana with various substances in an effort to achieve a greater high. To combat this movement, the government tasks its top biochemist with creating a version of marijuana that will provide an ultimate euphoric feeling called T130.

T130 is an extreme high when smoked but short-lived and the government is unable to supply enough of T130 to meet the demand. The true Warlocks – the first to ever oppose the government sanctions on marijuana - catch on to the new demands and decide to mix their own brand of chemicals – chemicals they find in an unfinished construction site on an isolated dark road near White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. Henry, an overweight surly army vet was overheard by the leader of the Warlocks one day complaining about the strange high he felt from taking a stroll past that area.  The Warlocks visit the area and take the strange chemical to mix with their T130 supply – officially renaming the product Warlock.

Once out on the streets, people become ravenous for the product.  But the price of Warlock is your soul.

Behind Campfire Stories: The Warlock Story
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